Ability Central Works is focusing on improving the health of our team members. This includes discussions of healthy habits, meal planning, learning to prepare simple meals, exercise, and tracking progress. Some examples of what we do include:


  • At the center weekly health-related themes are introduced. Throughout the week information and facts are reviewed and practical applications discussed so that team members can begin generalizing healthy habits into their daily lives.


  • Some of our team members have restricted diets and other are just picky! Conversations and compromises are required to accommodate everyone.


  • Team members take turns assisting in Honey’s Kitchen. Some of the favorite tasks are cracking eggs, measuring, and stirring.


  • Twice per day we engage in directed physical activity. In the morning, Coach Russell leads the group in stretching exercises. We have seen noticeable improvement in our team members flexibility and range of motion. In the afternoon, Coach Dylan engages everyone in a more rigorous and extensive workout that focuses on balance and conditioning that are adapted for each individual’s needs.


  • Each time our team members participate in health-related activities, they take pride in logging it on their personal tracking sheet. We regularly celebrate all of our accomplishments!