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Often, after individuals with disabilities leave the public school system, there are very few opportunities for them to find a purpose or place to belong. Ability Central is an opportunity for both! Our purpose at Ability Central is to provide vocational training and programming in an environment that is accepting and motivating. We provide a setting in which our team members can be productive and successful and take pride in a job well done.

Enjoy the Journey

One of our favorite phrases at Ability Central Works! is to the “enjoy the journey.” We take tasks and break them down into manageable steps so that they can be completed as independently as possible by our team members. We stress that it is the journey itself that is meaningful, not just the outcome or destination. Every part that contributes to the final product is appreciated and necessary. The products that are produced by Ability Central Works! are truly a team effort from start to finish.

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Ability Central Works is focusing on improving the health of our team members by providing healthy meal options and daily stretching and exercise. Click here to learn more!

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